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So I’m an Anglophile, but there are undoubtedly some amazingly entertaining TV shows in the UK for and about teens and young adults.

Luckily, I’ve managed to get a lot of my friends to become just as obsessed with these shows as I am. Here’s a list of 7 teen British shows that I wish everyone was watching. I've watched this show from its start, back in 2007.

Just like MTV's attempt to bring Skins to the states, the American version of The Inbetweeners didn't last long either, so do yourself a favor and find a way to watch the original. This show has made me laugh and it's made me cry, and any show that can do both of those things and also have a great 90s soundtrack is perfection OK, not technically a fictional show about teens but it's as fictional as reality TV gets.

If you liked The Hills, just add posh English accents and you've got Made In Chelsea.

Together they basically fight crime while trying to get along with each other.

The show is funny, clever, and pretty raunchy and I definitely rec it for anyone, regardless of what kind of shows you're normally into.

Sure, they gush about their crushes and worry about their legs looking hairy, but they also play soccer (er, football) together and deal with family drama and everything else that a normal teenage girl experiences.

Of course, because it's a comedy, ridiculousness ensues.

If you're ever worried about who you'll end up rooming with, watch this show and, well, become even more worried.

Basically, a group of kids doing mandatory community service get struck by lightning and they get special powers.

The catch: They're not the only ones who got super powers in that crazy storm.

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This is one of the few shows that actually makes me laugh out loud whenever I watch it.

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